Setting up your bank account

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Setting up your bank account

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:30 pm

We can imagine that it is quite scary and overwhelming landing in a new country, and trying to sort out a 'home from home'. We like to make the transition easier, and so we have got a deal with HSBC, one of the leading and most reliable banks, where we can 'fast-track' our teacher's applications. What HSBC offer through us is a BASIC account, with no overdraft, but that is enabled for direct credit and debit, which means you can get PAID!!!
If you DO NOT have an address yet, don't worry. We can fill out the forms with our address and then email you each time we receive something, so you can either come and collect or give us a forwarding address.
Basically, all you have to do after you register and are inducted, is come into our Chancery Lane office and ask if you can set up an account. Either Kelly or I will sit down with you for about 15 minutes to fill out some forms, give you a map, and then you can got to HSBC and talk to them straight away.

What happens next?

At HSBC, providing everything goes smoothly (which to my knowledge, with Protocol teachers, it rarely doesn't) you will be given your bank DETAILS (numbers, etc) that very day. This means that you can start putting money in there straight away. You will be sent your card, credit card (if you opted for one), pin number and cheque book on seperate days.
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